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Love and Blade: Girl in Peril CHAPTER LIST

Love and Blade: Girl in Peril:

Read manhwa Love and Blade: Girl in Peril / 사형 저 사실 여자예요 / I’m Actually a Woman I was reborn as a web novel character and found out that I was destined to be assassinated by my rivals! My name is Moyong Ah-rin, a girl who just lost her parents and joined the Moyong sect, one of the strongest groups in Murim. To avoid the inevitable, I disguised myself as a boy and changed my name to Moyong Ah-hyun. But there’s one problem, my brother-in-arms and distant relative, Moyong Chun, is taking an interest in me… Stop obsessing over me, Brother Chun! If you love me, my fate won’t change!