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Preference for the Possessor CHAPTER LIST
  • Preference for the Possessor

    Alternative : 빙의자를 위한 특혜; Preferential Treatment for the Possessed Person ; A Transmigrator's Privilege
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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep 28, 12:17
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  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Webtoons
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Preference for the Possessor:

※ Be prepared for a world after death! I received a strange spam text message right before I died. I thought I was dead but when I opened my eyes I was at the transmigrated examination bureau. There really is a world after death? I’ll transmigrate to a book?! “Do you have a particular genre you like?” I, who mastered a variety of genres in my previous life, In my next life, I hoped for a child-rearing novel where I can become a cute, dainty girl and acquire infinite love. ㅡ The book I’ll transmigrate to isㅡ Survival Difficulty S-class, an book full of regression instances <Regressing until the World is Saved>. ㅡ And the character I will possess thereㅡ is the daughter of a servant who serves the ruthless aristocrat familyㅡwho abused the main character?! However, thanks to <The Life Insurance Full Package>, which I signed up for just before I died, I got special privileges… This is a story about surviving an S-class survival difficulty book with the help of new skills, insurance privileges, and God’s favoritism and affection that I’ve gained!
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