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The Hero is Standing in My Way CHAPTER LIST

The Hero is Standing in My Way:

I reincarnated into a novel that I think I read sometime in the past. In the not far future, I’m fated to become the fiancee of the villain, but that’s well… Won’t it change following the way that I live? “My ideal type is a man who is 190 cm, handsome, rich, has a rank at least above a Count, and won’t grow a gut even when they get old!” But before I could even find a husband I saved the life of the young male lead? After that my plan for an easy life kept getting messed up! “I’m sorry, but Ariel said that she can’t take her eyes off me because I’m the prettiest and most handsome person in the world.” “What? I did?” “P-Pardon my rudeness. Please forget my marriage proposal!” “Hold on! No! Wait!”
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